Dadditude: How A Real Man Became A Real Dad

Humorous musings and real-life lessons about becoming an older dad.

Woke Up This Morning: The Definitive Oral History of The Sopranos

(Co-Author) Michael Imperioli and Steve Schirripa talk with all the writers, directors, and their fellow actors – revealing all the secrets behind the most iconic TV series of all time.

When Truth Is All You Have: A Memoir of Faith, Justice and Freedom for the Wrongly Convicted

(Co-Author) The inspiring story of Jim McCloskey, the man who started the Innocence Movement in America.

No Mercy

(Co-Author) America’s Most Wanted host John Walsh presents the show’s greatest cases and greatest captures. Reached The NY Times Bestseller List.

Where Have All The Flowers Gone?

(Co-Author) Book tracing the lives and values of the Woodstock generation across the years since the landmark festival. Included the last interview with Abbie Hoffman.