John Walsh, the host of America’s Most Wanted, disclosed the wrenching story of the abduction and murder of his six-year-old son, Adam, in his bestselling memoir Tears of Rage. Now, fueled by his relentless hunger for justice, Walsh brings forth the untold stories behind the greatest cases Americas Most Wanted has ever solved — and recreates the electrifying captures of some of the worst crimimals of our time, including Andrew Cunanan, Eddie James, and the remorseless killer of young Polly Klaas.

In a true-crime book like no other, John Walsh goes behind the scenes of the groundbreaking television show whose viewers have helped put more than 500 fugitives behind bars — including twelve who were on the FBI’s Most Wanted. John takes you:

  • Inside the criminal mind….Follow every step the fugitives took — how they hid, how they survived — and how they’d do anything to stay on the run.
  • Inside the police investigations….Learn every secret twist and turn, uncover every clue, in the race-against-time manhunts for the fugitives.
  • Inside the remarkable television show itself….On an – all-access tour, discover how the cases are selected and reenacted, and how America’s Most Wanted has survived for an incredible ten years. You’ll be there when the switchboard lights up with viewer calls — and learn how hotline operators make split-second decisions with enormous consequences for crime victims and criminals. And you’ll be there for the thrilling takedowns, as law enforcement races to make an arrest.

John Walsh has struck a chord with Americans who are mad as hell and ready to fight back. It is for us — and for all of our children — that he has become an unstoppable force for justice; now, in No Mercy, you can join the fight.