Washington DC-based Lerman Productions can handle all your video needs – from website clips to network news. Our producers have more than 20 years of broadcast experience, and we can tailor any job to create exactly the video you’re looking for: Fast, creative, and powerful.


Lerman Productions brings decades of experience in network television and public broadcasting, including the TV Phenomenon “America’s Most Wanted” and the PBS hit cooking-and-travel show “Made in Spain.”


Using the latest technology, Lerman Productions can produce website videos at reasonable prices, from the simplest clip to the most complex presentation.


Now more than ever, your business needs professional video producers to help you communicate quickly and efficiently – with your staff, with your investors, with your clients.

Our expert writers can help you develop your company’s voice – and use that voice powerfully in:

  • Marketing

  • Training

  • Brand Development

  • Internal Communicatio


Writing Services


In this day and age, good writing is essential – and scarce. You have to put your best face on everything you do.

We can help.

Books? Speeches? Articles? Websites? Press releases? Show scripts?
Not a problem. We’ve got the experience to make your presentation sing.


Whether you need a speech, presentation, or co-author for your next book, our experts can write in your voice and deliver your message with power.


Writer Training


Phil Lerman has taught hundreds of young writers the art and craft of powerful writing. He has delivered more than a hundred speeches on the subject – and can teach your staff to write better, smarter, and more clearly.

Phil Lerman’s writing credits include:

Dadditude: How A Real Man Became A Real Dad
(Da Capo, June 2007)  Humorous musings and real-life lessons about becoming an older dad.

Public Enemies
(Pocket Books, 2000) (Co-Author)  More great America’s Most Wanted cases from John Walsh.

No Mercy
(Pocket Books, 1998) (Co-Author)  America’s Most Wanted host John Walsh presents the show’s greatest cases and greatest captures. Reached The NY Times Bestseller List.

Where Have All The Flowers Gone?
(Andrews-McMeel, 1989) (Co-Author) Book tracing the lives and values of the Woodstock generation across the years since the landmark festival. Included the last interview with Abbie Hoffman.

Tracking Tomorrow’s Trends
(Andrews-McMeel, 1987) (Co-Author)
Business-oriented book using poll data to draw a portrait of American lifestyles.

Articles on subjects ranging from parenthood to victims’ rights have appeared in The Washington Post, Washingtonian, USA Today, USA Weekend, Newsday, and Junior.