where have all the flowers gone?

By Anthony Casale

With Philip Lerman

From Library Journal
With publication set to coincide with the 20th anniversary of the Woodstock concert, this large-size book celebrates that famous few days when hundreds of thousands of young people came together to share music and love and created something that has come to represent everything good about the Sixties generation. Written in short, snappy paragraphs with lots of you-are-there dialogue, this is primarily a "whatever-happened-to" about those who created Woodstock, those who participated, and those who were there. (This was Abbie Hoffman's last interview). What emerges is that Woodstock still remains an important icon for people whose formative years were the 1960s; and though 20 years have passed, and the tempo and tenor of the times have changed drastically, the spirit of Woodstock still stands as the hope of youth and an entire generation.